The Power Clean
Labor Day Workout and Cookout - 09/6/10

Amazing Grace

This is another one of those workouts that, by all appearances, should be pretty easy - until you start doing it that is!  We did two versions of this workout - one with straight KB lifts and the other with "open hand" or H2H with the KB lifts.  To say that the H2H version was more intense and challenging would be an understatement!

Amazing Grace

  • 05 KB Burpee Clean
  • 05 W.O.P.
  • 05 KB Snatch
  • 05 Push-ups
  • 05 KB Thrusters
  • 05 Sit-outs
  • Training Protocol - 10 rounds for time

Have a good time with this one... and keep an eye on the KB if you attempt H2H Snatches!


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