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QOD 04/02/10

March Mayhem - Body Slam

March's baseline workout was "Body Slam" and several people made some phenomenal improvements.  Most matched their initial times while others saw a 10-20% reduction in their times after only doing the workout a few times.  Nice work!
  • Kettlebell High Pull and Snatch
  • Air Squat and Bastard
  • Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
  • Mountain Climber and Push-up (3:1)
  • 03 rounds for time; 17/12/08 repetitions
  • Recommended kettlebell: 53# men and 35# women; scale kettlebell weight as necessary to maintain form and safety throughout workout

This is another one of those "that doesn't look too bad" and ends up being "oh my gawd, that really sucks".  Give it a try and see what you think!


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