Classes - 02/03/10
KB Clean and Split Jerk

The End is Near!

Snowflake Or at least you would think it was!  I spent an hour in the grocery store last night (got there a little before 1000 PM) to pick up a few things on the way home from class.  The store was PACKED with people preparing for the Apocalypse!?!? :)  It was quite entertaining... and if you're looking for Eggo waffles - they're all gone!

Anyway - we're going to have our 1200 PM workout today and then close for the remainder of the in anticipation of the coming snowstorm.  I haven't officially canceled tomorrows 0900 AM class yet... but it doesn't look good.  As for Sunday - I'm moving the 0900 AM class to 1200 PM so that I'll have time to clear the snow from my place, my Dad's place and then get to the training center to shovel more snow.

Be safe out there and I'll see you in class!


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