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February 2010

Getting Back to Normal!

After the "Snowmageddon of 2010 "we are just now starting to get back into the gym.  The two snow storms had the gym closed for almost a week and we are finally back open tonight at 0630 PM.  Our regular class schedule will start again on Friday with a 1200 PM and 0500 PM class.

NOTE: Please understand that there is limited parking available and we suggest that you park at the bottom of the hill and walk to the school - unless you have a 4WD vehicle - and even then you may have a hard time parking!

CFW Status Update: 02/07/10

Well, Montgomery County has closed the schools on Monday and Tuesday and the OPM has closed the Federal Government for Monday as well.  I still haven't been able to get to the training center to check on the status of the facility but Miss Geri said that they were only up to the dance studio when she drove by today.  Based on this I'm going to cancel classes on Monday (02/08/10) and hope to be open for training on Tuesday.

KB Clean and Split Jerk

I came across this video of the Kettlebell Clean and Split Jerk and I thought I would share it with you.  Remember that many of you performed this technique during a workout last week - see if you can remember some of the cues that I gave you to improve your performance of this technique.  Now watch the video and see how many are missing.  BTW - don't blame the athlete, she's just doing what she was taught.

The End is Near!

Snowflake Or at least you would think it was!  I spent an hour in the grocery store last night (got there a little before 1000 PM) to pick up a few things on the way home from class.  The store was PACKED with people preparing for the Apocalypse!?!? :)  It was quite entertaining... and if you're looking for Eggo waffles - they're all gone!

Anyway - we're going to have our 1200 PM workout today and then close for the remainder of the in anticipation of the coming snowstorm.  I haven't officially canceled tomorrows 0900 AM class yet... but it doesn't look good.  As for Sunday - I'm moving the 0900 AM class to 1200 PM so that I'll have time to clear the snow from my place, my Dad's place and then get to the training center to shovel more snow.

Be safe out there and I'll see you in class!

Overhead Stabilization

As strong as some athletes are very few are able to stabilize a load overhead.  A number of factors are at fault - too much bench press, too tight shoulders, lack of flexibility, etc.  Most of these can be overcome with a better understanding of what the "overhead position" really is and what key factors need to be in place before it can be safely used.

The following video is from a Russian Kettlebell workshop that I gave at USMC Quantico, VA back in late 2008 and will hopefully set you on the path to maximizing your overhead stability and strength.