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December 2009

Having Fun with the WOP

You've all seen them - the funny little "wheel-thingee" that's been around gyms and workout rooms forever.  Heck your Mom probably had one!  There are even some "modern" variations that have gears and springs in them to help you get up and down- BLASPHEMY!!! Take a minute to check out the following video to get my thoughts on using the Ab Wheel - what I affectionately call the WOP or Wheel of Pain.  If you use it correctly you'll feel it shred your abdominal wall unlike any pansy sit-up or crunch you've ever done.  Enjoy!

Holiday 2009 Training Schedule

Santa_frosty The next week or so is going to be crazy (okay, crazier than usual - if you can believe that!), but I wanted to make sure that there was at least a couple chances to get workouts in during the stress of the holidays!

Barring any additional blizzards or ice storms the schedule through the New Year is as follows:

  • Christmas Eve (12/24/09) -
    1200 PM Workout Only
  • Christmas Day (12/25/09) -
    No Workouts Today
  • New Years Eve (12/31/09) -
    1200 PM Workout Only
  • New Years Day (01/01/10) -
    1200 PM Workout Only

Monday 12/21/09

Mak_n_jak_snow Well it looks like the roads won't be back in shape in time for the kids to go back to school on Monday - and it looks like the Federal Government is going to be giving the GS'ers a day off as well.

I'm sure you guys all need a rest day after shoveling 20+ inches of snow - so take the day off and I'll see you on Tuesday!

Three Guesses and the First Two Don't Count...

MAK_snow_flag Due to the record breaking snow we've experienced today CrossFit Koncepts will be closed both Saturday and Sunday (12/15/09 and 12/16/09).  We will evaluate the road conditions and the conditions surrounding the training facility early Monday morning and let you all know what the status of classes will be.

Until then: be safe out there and enjoy the snow!

Amazing Effort

Dorothy Dalton Kudos go out to Dorothy Dalton (the CrossFit Koncepts resident Chiropractor (Stand Corrected Chiropractic in Gaithersburg, MD)) for completing all 10 rounds of "Two Minute Warning" with a 12 kg kettlebell!

If you've done this workout then you know what a PHENOMENAL accomplishment this is... and if you haven't then you need to try it!  This takes a combination of outstanding strength, anaerobic conditioning and sheer willpower to push through the fatigue and keep going.

Congratulations again to Dorothy for giving it all - and then giving it some more!

Doing the Sprawl

Between watching people doing them in class and watching some of the videos on YouTube I decided to put something together for people to use as a baseline for a well executed and safe Sprawl.  It's not as hard as doing a Burpee but it does require a lot more spinal flexibility and mobility - which we can all use.

Two Minute Warning!

"Two Minute Warning" is probably one of the most challenging workouts that we do on a regular basis.  It just seems to suck the life right out of you, unless of course you're Dos!  She's knocked off 10 rounds out of 10 the last couple times she's done this workout (which is PHENOMENAL) and she's even increased the kettlebell weight!  Watch the clip and see how she fares on her 10th round...

Two Minute Warning
  • 05 Burpees
  • 10 Kettlebell Snatch
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Kettlebell Swings
Workout Protocols
  • 01 round each 02 minutes
  • 10 rounds for points