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"Hardcore" is a Good Term...

Missy Beaver - Surfing the Web I came across a list of "new" fitness trends to try in 2010 (read the article here).  Third on the list was Kettlebells; Zumba and TRX came in at first and second place.  Last year a similar list noted that Kettlebells were close to knocking Pilates out of the top place for consumer sales (equipment, accessories and training).

I was heartened to see that the article mentioned the points that I always emphasize about kettlebells training:"...Kettlebells are meant to be an all-inclusive exercise regime.  Kettlebells are hardcore.  Your heart rate will sky rocket and your muscles will burn. This may be one of my new favorite workouts because I feel like I am doing cardio and weightlifting in one. Thirty minutes of kettlebells and you are done."Not a bad endorsement from a writer that put Zumba and TRX above Kettlebells.

BTW - look for a Kettlebell and TRX workshop coming soon from CrossFit Koncepts.  We are working on the curriculum now and should be ready by Spring of 2010.

NOTE: Sorry, there are no future plans for a Zumba-Kettlebells class... :P


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