Grandpa is Rocking the Kettlebells!

And now for something completely different...

A conversation about Halloween a couple weeks ago led to me adding this video to the site - It has nothing to do about CrossFit, Kettlebells or even fitness, even though it features "Sweatin to the Oldies" icon Richard Simmons.

We were contemplating having a Halloween Workout this year with everyone coming in costume, but one thing (like H1N1) led to another and it never transpired (next year for sure!).  Part of the conversation was "What would your costume be?"  I think Kim said she wanted to come as me (which I personally would have like to have seen!!!) and then someone else suggested that I come as Richard Simmons!?!? ( I don't see it - but I think it might have been hilarious either way!)

Watch the video... and please don't do it at work because your co-workers will think you've lost your mind!


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