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October 2009

No Momentum Kettlebell Deck Squat

I love exercises that challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and conditioning - which explains why I love kettlebells so much!  One of my favorite bodyweight exercises is the Deck Squat - great way to get your heart racing and your longs burning - and challenge your leg strength and flexibility.  So, nothing could make me happier than to see them both combined into one fun drill.  Enjoy!

The Two-Hands Anyhow

The Two-Hands Anyhow is a great kettlebell technique that reinforces all of the strong points of both the Overhead Squat and the Windmill.  If you already have good technique with the Overhead Squat (which is an accomplishment in and of itself) and the Windmill (which will take some effort and attention to your weight distribution) then you should attempt the Two-Hands Anyhow.  The following video will help you get some training points so that you can try it on your own.