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Intensity or "Go Hard or Go Home"

William Brown - KB Front Squat Intensity is the name of the game.  There is a term in Japanese that refers to intense martial training: Shugyo.  Shugyo means that you are testing your physical and mental capacity to their greatest levels - each and every workout.  I look at each workout as Shugyo - as an opportunity to test myself and my abilities, to temper my "edge" so that it is both sharp, flexible and unbreakable - mentally, physically and spiritually.

I think the one element that distinguishes CrossFit training in general, and Russian Kettlebell training in particular, is the outright intensity of the workouts.  Maybe that's why I was so excited when I stumbled upon both training protocols.

I get people coming into the training facility (or I'll meet them at a workshop or even online) that are fit, solid athletes who think that they are training "really hard" - and compared to the rest of the drones at their gym they probably are.  But when the come in and try one of our workouts on for size they are floored by the intensity of the workout.  After they've been consistently been doing 60 minutes of strength training and 45 minutes of cardio five days a week they get their Under Armour covered posterior handed to them by a 16 minute workout with a 25 pound Kettlebell.

Some come back for more and others slink off back to their gyms and talk about those "crazy CrossFit/Kettlebell" people.  But some actually "get it" and have their eyes opened to their true athletic potential and what a real workout entails.

If you want it easy there is a Bally's with a Zoomba class forming down the street... and they're only $39.99 a month (with a five year contract that is).

Welcome to CrossFit Koncepts - your only easy workout was yesterday.


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