KB 101 Workshop in Gaithersburg, MD (09/20/09)
Thumper - Another "Bond Girl" Workout

Thanks Tony!

Tony Rosa, a friend and kettlebell client of mine, took the time to post a review on the Dragon Door website of the KB 101 workshop that he attended this weekend.  This wasn't the first kettlebell workshop that Tony's attended - as matter of fact he's been to three of the KB 101 workshops in less than a year - and he keeps returning to them in order to get a deeper insight and understanding of the fundamentals of kettlebell techniques.  Here's what he had to say:


"I just attended another of Mike's Kettlebell 101 Workshops.  It's been almost a year since I attended my first workshop with Mike as a complete novice; I had never worked with a Kettlebell before.  Since then, I have progressed to the point where I realize just how much I don't know, and that's why any chance I get to attend a workshop, seminar, etc., I'll do it.  But as with anything, instruction is key.  To put it simply, Mike is a superior instructor.  I am a retired Marine and currently a technical trainer so I have an extensive background in instructional methodology.  For my money, Mike is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  If you want to learn how to use a Kettlebell - and I mean REALLY how to use one - Mike is your guy.

Let me put it another way.  I also attended a two day CrossFit Kettlebell certification where I certainly learned a lot, but did not come close to what I have learned with Mike.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to technique and is uncompromising in that he accepts only your best effort; at the same time, he will bend over backwards to ensure you understand what you are doing.  Hopefully, Pavel himself reads this because I frankly believe the RKC would benefit tremendously by incorporating Mike's instructional methods into its curriculum."

Thanks again Tony - your friendship and support is priceless!


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