Easy is a Waste of Time!

Short and sweet : if what you are doing is easy it has stopped being effective!

The goal of training should be create an adaptative response. If you workouts are too easy there will be no adaptative response and you are wasting your time.

Your training should be challenging enough that your body HAS to adapt to the stressor and be ready for the next session. This does not mean that you have to crush yourself every time you train. That's ridiculous and leads to diminishing returns... but is a common practice at a lot of gyms and endorsed by a lot of trainers!

So how hard should your training be? It should be hard enough to create the requirement for an adaptative response AND not so hard that you can't recover from it before your next training session.

But... EASY has no place in your training... EVER!

CrossFit Koncepts and FirstFit Performance Training Event (05/01/22)

Please join us on Sunday morning (05/01/22) for a morning of massage, training, rehab.

From 0900 am to 1200 pm we will be offering free 15 minute massages, 20 minute physical therapy assessments, and a 60 minute kettlebell workout.

For more information and to sign up for any or all of the above, go to the FirstFit PT website.

Hurry, because spaces are limited and going fast!

Alcohol and Sleep

Mouth breather
There are two things that are going to effect your sleep negatively: Age and Alcohol.

You can't do much about the first one, other than exercising and taking good care of yourself, but the second one you can definitely control!

Following are some tips, from renowned sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker, concerning alcohol and sleep:

  • Sleep is more fragmented because alcohol stimulates the fight or flight branch of the nervous system
  • Breathing is shallower during sleep after drinking
  • Alcohol decreases REM sleep
  • If you are not getting enough REM, you may not get emotional restorative benefits then end up drinking again the next day as a result, and the cycle continues
  • Alcohol metabolism is not the same in everyone; some sleep perfectly fine especially if alcohol is consumed early enough before sleep

"Looks Like Tarzan - Plays Like Jane!"

What does "Looks Like Tarzan - Plays Like Jane" mean?

It means that someone looks strong and fit but doesn't have the real athletic capacity to do the job!

I've always called it the difference between "Mirror Muscles" and "Survival Muscles". In other words, someone looks good looking in the mirror, but they don't have the muscle where they need it for the real world.

NOTE: if you spend a lot of time working on the "Show Muscles" you are going to build some interesting imbalances that are going to catch up to you sooner or later. You need to work just as hard on the "Go Muscles" if you want to stay healthy and strong for the duration.