Level II Mace and Indian Club Workshop - 11/22/20

This one-day Level II workshop will give you everything you need to know in order to start taking advantage of these two powerful tools!

Workshop Overview

The Mace and Indian Clubs, in various forms and incarnations, have been used for thousands of years by athletes and warriors. Athletes have used them to increase strength, mobility and function in their shoulders, back, and neck. Warriors have used them for the same reasons, in addition to developing flow, weapon/body integration, deep movement and power development.

This Level II workshop will arm you with additional skills that you will need in order to get the most from using both of these tools as a powerful adjunct to your training regimen. The Level II workshop will start with a review of the Level I material; focusing on dialing in the basic skills, patterns, and transitions. We will then move on to the Level II skills that focus on managing the Mace at heavier loads (and with one hand) and the introduction of double Indian Club skills.

If you are looking for a way to increase upper body functionality and movement, then it’s essential to learn as much as you can about the Mace and Indian Clubs. Both are very simple tools, and like the Russian Kettlebell, require a high level of skill and training to use safely and get maximal results.

NOTE I: attendance to the the Level I Mace and Indian Club workshop is a prerequisite for attending the Level II. If you are interested in getting up to speed on the Level I material prior to the Level II workshop, please reach out ASAP to schedule training time.

NOTE II: this is NOT a "Mace Flow" or "Dancing with Mace's" training. It is a training program that emphasizes the prehab, rehab and integration uses of these tools. Expect to come away with powerful basic skills that can be developed to a high level and have a tremendous impact on your strength, mobility and movement. If you have ever trained with me for kettlebells, body weight, bar or martial arts (JKD, Filipino Martial Arts, Silat, etc.) you know what to expect from this program: the best and most applicable techniques and training without any fluff or BS.

Workshop Details


Sunday November 22, 2020


10:30 am to 04:30 pm


CrossFit Koncepts
16720 Oakmont Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877


  • $200/person; must pre-register by COB on 11/20/20.
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions registration for this workshop will be closed at 12 people.
  • NOTE: CrossFit Koncepts gym members, RKC/HKC, and active Military/LE/Fire personnel receive a 25% discount when preregistering.


Register by contacting Michael Krivka at
cfkoncepts@gmail.com or 301/404-2571


Registration includes attendance to workshop, workshop notes, and discounts from Dragon Door and Iron Company towards the purchase of a pair of Indian Clubs or a Mace.

Years not Minutes

The secret to getting strong and staying strong is... starting and not stopping!

I know this sounds simple but, in reality, it's tremendously hard. Committing yourself to a training program takes a level of commitment that most don't have. But you can tell those who do. They are a breed apart, thy carry themselves differently and they have a certain "something" about them. They are across the board happier and more mentally resilient and are able to handle the wear and tear of the years with grace.

What does it take to become one of these outliers? Find a strength and conditioning program that you enjoy and stick with it. Not for just a few months, but for years, and possibly decades. I can guarantee that it will be the best investment you ever make and that the dividends that it pays are priceless.

Not Enough Time?

What is the number one excuse for not working out on a regular basis?

"I don't have enough time..."

You have plenty of time for binge watching on Netflix and playing Words with Friends... but you don't have time to take care of your body? Seriously! Think about this: if you don't have time to take care of your body then what are you going to do when it starts to fail you? Because you know what? It's going to be a lot harder than if you had been working on it all along.

It's never too late to start. But you're going to have to make working out a priority over the TV and social media.

I promise you that it will be worth it!

Work In Progress

I hear about people spending a lot of time doing DIY (Do It Yourself) projects around there homes now that they are spending a lot more time at home.

Well, I want you to think about a DIY project for somewhere you are going to spend a lot more time than your apartment, townhouse or home.

Your Body!

If you aren't spending time every day working on the ultimate DIY project - your body - then you are going to have to pay someone else to work on it later. Those people are called doctors and surgeons, and while I have a tremendous amount of respect those professions, I really think that if you work on your "project" a little bit each day - you can put off turning over the project to them!

Just something to think about...

Weight Loss Tip

Love Handles

If you followed what IG "influencers" say about weight loss and weight maintenance, you would be lead to believe that cardio was the king of weight loss.

This fallacy has been around as long as people thought about losing weight... or maybe even longer than that!

The truth, and one that most trainers don't want you to know about, is that doing cardio has little to do with losing weight and keeping it off.If anything, cardio is associated with loss of muscle size and density; which is not a good outcome as you age.

Instead, the act of resistance training, picking up a kettlebell, bar or dumbell, will have a more significant and long lasting impact on your body composition than hours of cardio.

Not convinced? Check out this article on the Inverse.com website for more information on why you should jump off the treadmill and start picking up some iron!

Short Arms = Short Backswing

T RexPoor T-Rex! First it was Push Ups and now it's Kettlebell Swings!

It's completely understandable why T-Rex doesn't like Swings. With his short arms he's going to have a real hard time getting a good enough Backswing to get the Kettlebell moving with any speed. The best he could hope for is a slow, wimpy Lat Raise!?!?

It's a good thing that you're not T-rex and you can take full advantage of your long arms and legs as well as hips to create a Backswing that make any self-respecting Kettlebell fear you!

The Basics...

When someone says the "basics", what do you think of?

I'm hoping you think of the Kettlebell Deadlift, Swing, Squat, Clean, Snatch and Press. I would add to that "short list" the Push Press, Jerk, and Thruster. That's a total of nine "basic" techniques.

That's not all, because the "basics" can all be done with two hands and one kettlebell; one hand and one kettlebell; and two hands and two kettlebells. So very quickly, and without adding any new techniques or combinations (especially in the two kettlebell area), you now have twenty seven basics. TWENTY SEVEN... think about that.

How many of you have spent sufficient time developing your two hands and one kettlebell skills? One hand and one kettlebell skills? Two hands and two kettlebells? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say... not nearly enough!

When you start thinking that you've got your kettlebell skills down, you might want to think again, and start looking at the list of TWENTY SEVEN "basics"... and start training!