Without a strong foundation the structure will crumble!

One of the underlying principles behind our organization is to embrace and study the fundamental skills. Those skills encompass body weight, barbell, and of course kettlebells. Instead of wasting time on the latest technique that's all the rage on social media, we spend our time developing the skills that are guaranteed to make you stronger, mobile, and enhance your longevity.

What are you looking for?

Selecting a gym is like selecting a partner. Do you want someone that is flashy, loud, and is popular with the social media crowd? Or, do you want someone who is consistent, reliable, and has proven their worth over and over again. It really comes down to what you are looking for. Do you want somewhere to hangout and watch people posing in front of mirrors, or do you want somewhere that you are surrounded by people who are passionate about improving themselves and others? You choose...

First Do No Harm!

The concept of safety is missing in a lot of gyms. Ensuring that the client is properly trained, has sufficient strength and mobility, and that the workout meshes with their goals seems to be non-existent. Clients are thrown into workouts doing techniques that they aren't trained to do, without any concern for the strength or mobility required to execute them safely. Not to mention that coaches and trainers are ignoring the clients long-term goals and physical requirements. Safety of the client must be priority number one - First Do No Harm!

Fast and Heavy

Technique is the Alpha and the Omega.

It's the determining factor when it comes to injury prevention and progress when it comes to any skill. It doesn't matter if it's a Deadlift, a Kettlebell Snatch, or even something as innocuous as a Push Up - Technique Matters! Just because your coach is pushing you to go heavier or faster, doesn't mean that it is a good idea. The majority of people would benefit greatly from slowing down, going lighter, and focusing on improving their technique. Training is a marathon, not a sprint. But the time in honing the basics and you will enjoy the benefits in the future... 

Curious about the Zercher Squat?

The Zercher Squat is a relatively obscure lift to most athletes. It has been overshadowed by the Back Squat when it comes to developing strong legs. But, The Zercher Squat offers a lot more than big quads and a strong butt. The core requirements to hold the bar and stabilize it throughout the movement makes it an outstanding technique for athletes that need to be able to brace properly and absorb impact. In other words - everyone!

Level I Mace and Indian Club Workshop 11-12-23

Unleash the Power of the Mace and Indian Clubs in Your Training Journey!

Join Our One-Day, Level I Workshop

IMG_20231018_072316_468Are you ready to transform your training regimen and unlock a new level of strength, mobility, and functional fitness? Our upcoming workshop is your gateway to mastering the incredible Mace and Indian Clubs – two timeless tools that have empowered athletes and warriors for millennia.

**Workshop Highlights**

Explore the Ancient Legacy: Discover the rich history of the Mace and Indian Clubs, cherished by athletes and warriors alike. These tools are not just about strength; they offer unparalleled benefits for your shoulders, back, neck, and overall body function.

Hands-On Learning: This 5-hour immersive course equips you with essential skills and techniques to harness the full potential of the Mace and Indian Clubs. From fundamental movement skills to exciting combinations, you'll gain a toolkit to enhance your daily training without monotony.

Dynamic Movement Patterns: Learn to combine basic skills into powerful, fluid movement patterns that breathe new life into your mobility and strength training. Say goodbye to repetition and embrace a world of fresh possibilities.

The Real Deal: This isn't a "Mace Flow" or "Dancing with Mace" session. It's a comprehensive training program focused on prehab, rehab, and integration. Expect to leave with a handful of potent, fundamental skills that will revolutionize your strength, mobility, and movement – all at a minimal load.

**Why This Matters**

A Personal Note from the Instructor
As someone who's dedicated almost fifty years to athletics and martial arts, I have a very selective "Trainer's Toolbox." I only add tools that deliver exceptional results, and in the last several years, I've welcomed two new additions: the Mace and the Indian Clubs. These dynamic tools have not only alleviated my debilitating shoulder pain but have also improved my sleep quality. They've made a profound impact on my life, and I can't wait to share their transformative potential with you.

**Join Us!**

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to master the Mace and Indian Clubs. Your fitness journey is about to take a thrilling turn, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to revolutionize your training? Secure your spot now and be part of this transformational experience!

Step into a world of strength, mobility, and movement you never thought possible. We can't wait to see you there!

**Workshop Details**


November 12, 2023


1030 am to 0430 pm


CrossFit Koncepts
16720 Oakmont Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877


  • $199/person if pre-registered by 10/31/23; $299/person after 10/31/23.
  • Registration will be closed at 20 people.
  • NOTE: CrossFit Koncepts gym members, RKC/HKC, and active Military/LE/Fire personnel receive a significant discount.


Register by contacting Michael Krivka at
[email protected] or 301/404-2571


Dan John and Tim Anderson - October 2023

Dan John and Tim Anderson

Certification Weekend Overview

Prepare for a life-changing opportunity that comes once in a lifetime! We're thrilled to introduce an immersive training and certification event featuring two world-renowned trainers and innovators: Dan John and Tim Anderson. This is your chance to be part of something extraordinary, and we urge you not to miss out!

From Assess to Success with Dan John

Dan John will unveil his latest body of knowledge titled "From Assess to Success." During this event, he will expertly guide you on the art of assessing and preparing athletes, as well as individuals from all walks of life, in a logical, safe, and highly effective manner. Seize this golden opportunity to gain invaluable insights and techniques from one of the foremost experts in the field.

Pressing Reset with Tim Anderson

But wait, there's more! Tim Anderson will lead attendees through the exciting "Pressing Reset" program. This transformative program is designed to help you reclaim lost or underdeveloped movement and awareness. Tim's wealth of expertise will empower you with essential skills that can genuinely make a difference in your life.

Earn Two Certifications in One Weekend

By the conclusion of this extraordinary weekend, you'll have the unique opportunity to earn certifications in both "From Assess to Success" and "Pressing Reset." Imagine the prestige of holding certifications from two dynamic, informative, and enjoyable presenters! The knowledge and skills you acquire will prove invaluable for months and years to come.

This event promises an informal yet electrifying atmosphere. As you absorb knowledge and undergo training, you'll also experience an infectious enthusiasm and excitement. You'll leave not only informed but highly motivated and ready to apply everything you've learned to yourself, your clients, and even your family members.

Don't Miss Out on This Remarkable Opportunity!

Join us for a weekend brimming with priceless insights, hands-on training, and heaps of fun!

Certification Weekend Information

  • Dates: October 07 and 08, 2023
  • Location: CrossFit Koncepts (Gaithersburg, MD)
  • Times: 0900 am to 0530 pm (both days)
  • Registration: To pre-register for this event (via Venmo or Credit Card), contact Michael Krivka at [email protected] or call 301/404-2571
  • Cost: $799/person


  • Contact Michael Krivka for group rates of 05 or more.
  • Attendance is strictly limited to 40 people.
  • Registration will terminate when 40 people have pre-registered for this event.

ACT NOW - Space is exceptionally limited, and seats will be snatched up in no time! Secure your spot for a weekend that promises to transform your expertise and enthusiasm.