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Training with the Mace

There are a lot of tools that are available for you to train with. They are all screaming for your attention and demanding your time and training dollars. The problem is that the majority of the tools you are training with do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to improve your overall strength, athletic ability, mobility and viability as an athlete or human being.  Here is a good rule of thumb: the more you see it on TV and the more you see others doing it, the least valuable it is to you.

So, your job is to find the tools that are going to make you stronger, move better and more resilient. Personally, I look for the simplest solution and the simplest tool to solve a problem.

My problem was, after years of abusing my shoulders lifting weights and training in the martial arts, I was desperate for relief from the pain. All I heard from my doctors was that I would need reconstructive surgery on one or both shoulders to relieve the pain. That was not the answer I was looking for... not even close. Before committing to a course of action (that was going to take months to recover from) I started asking some friends that I trusted what they would do.

The answer came from my friend Richard "Army" Maguire. After listening to what I was going through Army suggested that I start doing some Mace and Indian Club work to see if it would give me some relief. So, I started slinging Clubs and swinging the Mace for a few minutes a day.  Miraculously, after a couple weeks of devoting a couple minutes a day, my shoulder pain was reduced by about seventy percent... which was amazing! The longer I kept training with these two powerful tools the stronger and more resilient my shoulders became.

So, if you need some strength, mobility and resiliency in your shoulders... I would humbly suggest that you explore the Indian Clubs and the Mace to solve your problem!


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