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Oly Lifts are NOT for Everyone!

If your coach insists that you perform Olympic Lifts then you might want to share with them what Dr. Stuart McGill has to say about them:

"Olympic lifting must find the lifter. Not the other way around, given the special anatomical gifts needed to lift with efficiency and injury resiliency. The flexibility required in the hips and shoulders in many cases is a gift from your parents. No matter how much stretching is attempted, some will never have the hip and shoulder socket anatomy to deep squat and support a bar overhead.”

So... if the only option in your gym is Olympic Lifting then your "coach" has determined that you are among the very, very small percentage of the athletic population that has the natural attributes for this style of training. Or, and I'm pretty sure this is the case, they are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Why? Because they don't know any better, don't understand that there are safer options available, or another "expert" told them it was a good idea.



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